Machining Services


Our CNC machines, saws, and drills are in production every working day to fill your custom order. We are your supplier for drilled head and threads. Our production saws cut precisely. Each order is given personal attention for quality.

Contact our machining department for more information. 

Kitting Services


Any company can fill up a box with nuts and bolts. At The Nut Place we maximize customer service with kits, customized labels, and other services

Contact our kitting department for more information.

Labeling Services

Labeling Services

Labeling is all part of the big service you receive from us. We sell bolt bins with barcoded labels. For bagged items, we can print labels that display YOUR part number and YOUR logo

Contact our labeling services department for more information.


Technical Knowledge

Technical Knowledge

Our sales team can answer all your technical questions. You get quantity AND quality at The Nut Place.

Contact our technical knowledge department for more information.


Delivery Services


Yes, we have delivery trucks for the Houston area. Their use is limited to larger orders of a few hundred dollars or more. Our fleet of trucks deliver products to your Houston area location. The majority of customers who are in a hurry will send their driver to pick up at our Will Call counter.